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Creating and editing templates, replacing, searching and sorting rules
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18 January 2011

Editor's review

This is a search and replace software, the steps can be automated.

This tool is different from many other such tools in a way you could compile steps required in a search and replace process. The steps include choosing of a file, marking the search words with mouse selections, defining the type of replacement needed and then checking the results in a window. Then when you run the compilation on the source file, the words found are highlighted and replaced with the intended item(s). This happens through a shortcut created to refer to the replacement steps created earlier. These shortcuts can be specified with additional parameters. These include the template source files, what statistics to be shown and some other parameters. This ability to create the search and replace steps adds quite a bit of power to the programs, you are able to define quite complex search and replace criteria with this.

Program can be used to analyze log files, to automatically change the version number. You need to spend significant amount of time to get familiar with the program during the trial period. You should be able to understand very clearly how to set up the search and replace steps etc. The interface is not very easy to understand, Lack of help material also can hinder the process. The program is going to be very handy in situations where large files need to be gone through and replacements need to be created. But, you need to get a hang of it first though.

Publisher's description

A visual compilation of "steps" search and replace. You choose the source file, mouse mark in it search words, define the type of replacement and visual control of results in the separate window. Color marked with the words found in the source file and replace the words in the result. Function to create a shortcut to the file replace steps allows you to instantly use already prepared a set of replacement steps. You can specify parameters of the shortcut: the template source files, the statistics show, and other parameters. Program can be used to analyze log files, to automatically change the version number
Version 1.45
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